Mehrdad Kianian

About Me!

I am motivated, responsible, and hardworking as a team coworker adapted to all challenging situations.


Video Processing

Creation of new video format and specialized Player system with the Encryption facility to protect video files.

Online Dubbing

Implement first online dubbing (Play video, Record and Sync audio base on time-line on web). (3FMusic Studio Company)


Microsoft Certificate
(MCSD): Web Applications, Solutions Developer
After years of working at my own office and after immigration, I feel the necessity of holding an international certificate and, therefore, I attended three Microsoft exams and achieved to obtain an MCSD certificate.
Bachelor Degree
1997 - 2001
Computer Hardware
Highly interested in computer science, I continued my studies in the major of Computer Hardware. Gradually, I realized that my interest in software had got more. I passed the university's courses of computer software with very high marks. University was so good a place for my learning team works and partnership in group works.

Work Experiences

  • 2015

    King Records Company, Dubai, UAE

    405. Aspect Tower, Executive Towers, Business Bay – Dubai – UAE (kingrecords.co.uk)

    Develop a mobile application for a TV show Using: MVC 5, Web API, AES Encryption, IOS Development, Android, ASP.net MVC, TDD

  • 2014


    TBILISI, GEORGIA (www.3FMusic.com)

    Developed a web application for recording audios on web for dub TV-Series. Using Azure SQL as database. Using: MVC 5, Web API, ASP.net MVC,TDD , Client side and server side audio processing

  • 2013 - 2014

    Cooperation with MirVision Co., Sydney, Australia

    Production of a unique content management system (CMS) and entering the android programming is among activities I had been involved during the recent months.

  • 2011 - 2012

    Consultant, instructor, analyst at Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co.

    My presence at the greatest Iranian Petrochemical Company brought me a great sense of pride and honor. And, cooperating in design and implementation of huge projects such as security system, salary and warehousing system with a 50-person-team and the management of the Department of Technical Analysis, Design & Management completed my experiences as a programmer. Encountering problems and troubleshooting during production of large software programs with oracle database with 10 million records somehow matured me in this field of software.

  • 2011

    Consulting and training

    Thanks to experiences I had got during teaching at great organizations as well as encountering with problems faced by them, I was employed as consultant at the abovementioned companies and, also, cooperated as software designer and analyst at some companies.
    Commissioning a professional educational packages online sale website at LearningTerm.com and a robust success in covering all over the country filled me with another good sense of this profession.

  • 2005

    Professional teaching

    Cooperation with educational companies at a specialized level in the fields of programming and database provide me with everyday progress at educational environments.
    After 3 years, I started teaching new courses to software teams of great industrial companies such as: Polyacryl Iran Corporation, Telecommunication Co., SaIran Co., Regional Electricity Co., SAIPA co., Bank Keshavarzi, Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan Co. and …

  • 2004

    First step in training

    My keen interests in training lead me to share any information I have obtained with others. At the beginning, I started teaching at institutes. After getting experienced in transferring training subjects, I found out that I am talented in explaining subjects easily and fluently.

  • 2003

    Parse Software Team

    I started my carrier in programming with PARSE software company. This was a great opportunity for me to combine programming skills with graphical experience to be successful in web designing and developing desktop software

  • 2001

    Graphic design company foundation

    I started my first company in graphical design. I've worked in printing industry as a graphical designer and have designed many book's cover, posters and etc.




C#.Net & Asp.net MVC
SQL Server
HTM & Javascript ( JQuery,... ) & CSS
Java SE, EE
Android Programming
IOS, Swift programming
Photoshop & Graphic Design

Production [ 2004 to 2014 ]

1. Accounting system, industrial factory's purchase and sale
2. Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company's security system
3. Partnership in CMS of MirVision Co., Sydney, Australia
4. Telephony CRM
5. Partnership in online MirAuction online art shop and gallery
6. Creation of over 50 websites for customers


Technical English


Vacation :)